Saturday, February 9, 2008

Infections in Neutropenics

From Nathan and Oski's Hematology of Infancy and Childhood 5th Edition:

"The most frequent types of pyogenic infections in patients with significant neutropenia are cutaneous cellulitis, superficial or deep cutaneous abscesses, furunculosis, pneumonia, and septicemia. Stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, perirectal inflammation, and otitis media (especially in children) occur as well. However, neutropenia in and of itself does not heighten susceptibility of patients to viral, fungal, and parasitic infections or to bacterial meningitis. the most commonly isolated organisims from neutropenic patients are S. aureus and gram-negative bacteria. The usual signs and symptoms of local infection--such as exudates, fluctuation, ulceration, and regional adenopathy--are much less evident in neutropenic patients than they are in non-neutropenic individuals."