Friday, April 18, 2008

Jesica's Hope Chest

Jesica's Hope Chest

Jesica's Hope Chest, Inc. (a foundation for critically ill children) is dedicated to helping critically ill children up to the age of eighteen (18) years old (but not past the child's eighteenth birthday). Jesica's Hope Chest, will assist families with critically ill children and help cover costs of necessities which are not covered by private medical insurance and/or government medical assistance programs, such as Medic-aid and Medic-care. We will help cover the cost of transportation to and from medical facilities, and help fund housing costs when medical treatment is at a hospital far from home. We will also help families purchase specialized equipment and formulas. Below is a list of other activities that Jesica's Hope Chest, Inc. (A Foundation for Critically Ill Children) will be providing but shall not be limited to;

*Assist child life specialist with activities and interact with children and families in the children's medical centers and pediatric clinics.

*Assist patients, families, and staff members with locating appropriate health related information (books, journals, internet information, etc.)

*Serve as liaison between patients and staff members in the identification of potential patient needs, problems, or complaints.

*Provide follow up services, such as helping families cover the cost of lifesaving medications for children up to the age of (18) eighteen.

*Help locate Universities, hospital and/or other child help organizations who may provide financial assistance for major surgical procedures, and other lifesaving medical needs.