Sunday, April 6, 2008

Axcan (makers of Ultrase) Assistance Programs

Axan, the makers of Ultrase have a handful of programs-- for more info than what is below, see :
They have programs for countries around the world

CareFirst for CFSM Program
CF Direct Connect ProgramSM
Comprehensive Care Program for CFSM
Rx Cost Reduction ProgramSM

The Assist program helps folks without insurance pay for meds like Carafate and Ultrase.

The Carefirst program is for SDS and CF patients and it does the following:

With a prescription for ULTRASE® Enteric-Coated Microspheres or Enteric-Coated Minitablets, what will the patient receive?

Free ULTRASE® Enteric-Coated Microspheres or ULTRASE® MT Enteric-Coated Minitablets
Free ADEKs® Pediatric Drops
Free copy of Cystic Fibrosis: A Guide for Patient and Family educational book
Free diaper bag with CareFirst for CFSM logo

Rx Cost Reducation Program SM:

Information for Patients:

As the providers of ULTRASE® MT, it is important to us that the cost of your health care remains as affordable as possible. For this reason, Axcan created the Rx Cost Reduction ProgramSM.

This program will allow you to receive a rebate for your out-of-pocket expense (up to $20 per month), for a prescription of ULTRASE® MT12, ULTRASE® MT18 or ULTRASE® MT20.

How the Program Works:

Have your prescription for ULTRASE® MT filled at your regular pharmacy. Note: Your prescription must be for ULTRASE® MT12, ULTRASE® MT18 or ULTRASE® MT20
(a minimum of 100 ULTRASE® MT capsules is required).
Complete a Rebate Claim Coupon (which you may obtain from any CF center or by calling 800-472-2634), and mail it with the original pharmacy receipt to the address on the coupon. Please note that the Rx Cost Reduction ProgramSM is not available to patients who are participating in a federally-subsidized pharmacy benefit program, or where otherwise prohibited by federal or state law. Be sure to sign the coupon, certifying that the patient is not a participant in a federally-subsidized pharmacy benefit program.
You will receive a check (up to $20) in about three weeks for the amount of your out-of-pocket expense. Included with your check will be another Rebate Claim Coupon for use the following month.
Note: You may submit only one Rebate Claim Coupon per month. The Rx Cost Reduction ProgramSM may not be combined with the CareFirst for CFSM or the Comprehensive Care Program for CFSM. Coupons must be fully completed to be processed.