Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspiration for Today

My son's article appeared along with mine in the recent issue of the Shwachman-Diamond America eNewsletter

I post this not for our articles…but there are several very good articles in this newsletter—one is Brooke’s story. She developed sepsis as an infant and almost died. She survived and had to have her toes amputated and the sepsis caused damage…her one leg turned, etc. She had a bone marrow transplant several years ago and this past summer had her leg amputated. She is doing amazingly well and I think you will find her Shwachman-Diamond story inspiring.

I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people on the journey we call SDS Highway 101. God has blessed us with an amazing Shwachman-Diamond family and I wanted to share them with you this morning! Perhaps you are dealing with a life-threatening illness or know someone who is….these children are an inspiration to us all. If you would like to read past issues, we have the back issues of the newsletters posted on our website (link to follow). We have many children who have written articles—the SDS children themselves and their siblings.

For information on Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome check out Shwachman-Diamond America